paying with Kash

helps local businesses

We believe that when you get your morning coffee, your barista deserves your money more than Visa & MasterCard.

Kash is the faster, simpler, and more rewarding way to pay.

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our mission

Credit cards were invented 50 years ago with the goal of making it easier for people to do business. However it turned into a money making machine that forces debt on families and charges massive fees to local businesses. At Kash, we're on a mission to make payments secure, easy and ethical again.


It's become common for credit cards to make as much money as the business accepting it. It forces them to raise prices or risk going out of business. This means you're actually paying for your own credit card rewards and contributing to the profit of credit card companies.

where can i use it?

how do i get started?


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securely link your bank account for direct payment


Pay with it

tap to pay and collect rewards where offered

why use it?

seriously simple

one tap to pay and always works (even if your signal drops)

great rewards

get 5% to 10% cash back for being a frequent customer

really really secure

accounts are authenticated using your own bank and paying never exposes any personal information