stop using your credit card

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We believe that when you get your morning coffee, your barista deserves your money more than Visa & MasterCard.

Kash allows merchants and customers to directly exchange money without any transaction fees.

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our mission

Credit cards were invented 50 years before the internet and smartphones. The credit card system forces debt on families and charges massive fees to local retailers. At Kash, we are on a mission to end the credit card monopoly and to replace it with an ethical payment option - one that helps retailers and one that consumers love.


Credit cards with rewards often cost almost 10% per transaction. Most shops don't even have operating profits that high. It forces them to raise their prices or risk going out of business. This means you're actually paying for your own credit card rewards and contributing to the profit of credit card companies.

where can i use it?

how does it work?

Inspired by the world's best retail experiences.
Built to bring those benefits to everyone.

seriously simple

One tap to pay and digital receipts delivered to your phone. Designed to work in the real world where data connections aren't always reliable.

gold status

Like collecting stars and stamps? It's built right into Kash so you never have to fumble between paper cards or different apps again.

secure, from the ground up

Credit card theft requires just a number and expiry date. Kash payment codes are created when needed, expire in 60 seconds and only work on approved retail terminals.